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  Pictures and drawings are for illustrative purposes only. Not to scale, not in relative proportion.

       Smooth K-Wire - single diamond tip

       Smooth K-Wire - double diamond tip

       Smooth K-Wire - single trocar tip

       Smooth K-Wire - double trocar tip

Indication for use:  Kirschner Wires (K-Wires) and Stainmann Pins manufactured by Simpex Medical may be used as implantable devices for fixation of bone fractures, for bone reconstruction, as guide pins for insertion of another implants, or may be implanted through the skin so that a pulling force may be applied to the skeletal system.

Full Listing

       Size Diamond  Diamond Trocar  Trocar
Diam* x Length  Single Tip   Double Tip   Single Tip   Double Tip
 Item #  Item # Item #  Item #
   .028" x 4" KD-028-4S  KD-028-4 TK-028-4S  TK-028-4
   .028" x 5"  KD-028-5S  KD-028-5 TK-028-5S  TK-028-5
   .028" x 6" KD-028-6S  KD-028-6 TK-028-6S  TK-028-6
   .028" x 9" KD-028-9S  KD-028-9 TK-028-9S  TK-028-9
   .028" x 12" KD-028-12S  KD-028-12 TK-028-12S  TK-028-12
   .035" x 4" KD-035-4S  KD-035-4 TK-035-4S  TK-035-4
   .035" x 5" KD-035-5S  KD-035-5 TK-035-5S  TK-035-5
   .035" x 6" KD-035-6S  KD-035-6 TK-035-6S  TK-035-6
   .035" x 9" KD-035-9S  KD-035-9 TK-035-9S  TK-035-9
   .035" x 12" KD-035-12S  KD-035-12 TK-035-12S  TK-035-12
   .045" x 4" KD-045-4S  KD-045-4 TK-045-4S  TK-045-4
   .045" x 5" KD-045-5S  KD-045-5 TK-045-5S  TK-045-5
   .045" x 6" KD-045-6S  KD-045-6 TK-045-6S  TK-045-6
   .045" x 9" KD-045-9S  KD-045-9 TK-045-9S  TK-045-9
   .045" x 12" KD-045-12S  KD-045-12 TK-045-12S  TK-045-12
   .054" x 4" KD-054-4S  KD-054-4 TK-054-4S  TK-054-4
   .054" x 5" KD-054-5S  KD-054-5 TK-054-5S  TK-054-5
   .054" x 6" KD-054-6S  KD-054-6 TK-054-6S  TK-054-6
   .054" x 9" KD-054-9S  KD-054-9 TK-054-9S  TK-054-9
   .054" x 12" KD-054-12S  KD-054-12 TK-054-12S  TK-054-12
   .062" x 4" KD-062-4S  KD-062-4 TK-062-4S  TK-062-4
   .062" x 5" KD-062-5S  KD-062-5 TK-062-5S  TK-062-5
   .062" x 6" KD-062-6S  KD-062-6 TK-062-6S  TK-062-6
   .062" x 9" KD-062-9S  KD-062-9 TK-062-9S  TK-062-9
   .062" x 12" KD-062-12S  KD-062-12 TK-062-12S  TK-062-12

* Diameter:  .028" = .7mm;  .035" = .9mm;  .045" = 1.1mm;
                  .054" = 1.4mm;  .062" = 1.6mm

  • Material: 316LVM Stainless Steel (implant grade, U.S. made and certified).
  • Sold non-sterile, six per pack.
  • All items in stock, available for immediate delivery.
  • Please ask about availability of any sizes and styles not listed.

  For wire diameter above .062", please refer to Steinmann Pins listing.

    To place an order, please call 800-851-9753 or fax your purchase order to 800-705-8443.